MS Dhoni

5 Reasons Why MS Dhoni is the Most Consistent Player




1. He trusts his Gut Instinct: When it comes to making the hardest decisions on the field, Dhoni has always delivered with success more times than any other player in the business. Moreover his firm resolve of making unconventional decisions based on educated guesses comes from his knowledge and understanding of the toughest aspects of the game. 2. The Consolidation of Effort: He's the Buddha when it comes to the test of one's endurance and a raging volcano when it's a question about the death overs. What does a player need to do in these times? Consolidation of Effort. His constant ability to accentuate and emend his batting technique makes him so more daunting and unpredictable for the rival teams. There's not a single cricketing nation in the World that has ever been able to devise a master plan against MS Dhoni. 3. He Leads by Example: Hesitancy is a word that's never existed in this man's dictionary. His optimism and moxie nature has always driven him to deliver at his fullest potential. His rustic ability to gauge the potency of every possible cricketing situation has allowed him to perform exceedingly well over the years, where other legends have miserably failed countless number of times. 4. His Immaculate Fitness levels: Where most senior players have struggled to perform, whether it may be the age factor or constant injuries that cause a setback in their careers, MS Dhoni has been a notable exception to this. Taking into account that insane split he did over that stumping situation last year he looks he hasn't aged at all since he first set foot on the crease 14 years ago. His skill oriented fitness regime has served him in both the departments: physical as well as mental. Constant practice and that too in the right manner is what allows him to bail himself and team out of innumerable sticky situations. Moreover those mind boggling stumpings ,and lightning fast conversion of singles into doubles is just a testimony to him Being the Fastest Cricketer Alive. 5. His Reticent Nature: No other cricketer has received so much recognition and fame over the past decade than MS Dhoni. Unbelievably there hasn't been a single instance where he has let it get to his head. His self-effacing characteristics have been tested in the severest of conforntations but he has ever been the coolest customer and has handled them with utter grace. His passive aggressive relationship with the media has been a testament of his dedication to his team. He doesn't get too emotional when it comes to victories and displays no remorse for the losses endured. He handles them with true grit, persistent to refine his game and deliver in the best fashion possible.

- Milind Maheshwari, 00:44AM, 29 June, 2018