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Eng vs Ind, 2018

England vs India Decider


<h2>Decider Match</h2> England would be pretty confident, in finishing off this series, by winning the decider. They won the last match, even though not that convincingly, but there was just enough an edge, to remove the vacillation. India will be trying to replicate the first T20 performance to jolt England's confidence going into the ODI series. <h2>England's Analysis</h2> The first T20 would have filled India with immense joy, when they saw England hopping around the wrist bowling, courtesy Yuzvendra Chahal and Kuldeep Yadav. They were committing too quickly to the front foot and hence not reading the direction of the spin. Jos Buttler, even though he couldn't get the big runs against Yadav, he was playing him very well by just delaying the shot to read the spin. This delay was applied with great effect to counter that kind of spin. That was the pivotal point of the second match. India would have been thinking that this could be the Achilles heel, which could be exploited for this series and make a big mark using it, but they just trampled on the spin in the second T20 and just clobbered it. India would be wary of the fact that England may not be that weak against the wrist spin. One more thing is that England were quick to strangle India in the powerplay overs. The innings was never allowed to blossom the way it should. England would be feeling they have the edge to win this one. <h2>India's Analysis</h2> India has an opening problem in this series. Rohit Sharma, as good as he is, hasn't been in the best of form, even in the IPL, but he definitely needs to step up. The first T20 was very nicely covered when KL Rahul blasted England to null the game mostly halfway through. The middle order, till now, has had no problem, but it could be heavily tested if England get going well. They have highly aggressive openers which gives England an edge as well. Indian spinners were also a little flat last match and couldn't bring out their skill in that match. India will have to be firing on all cylinders in the final game. <h2>Probabilities</h2> England: 55% India 45%

- Shubham Anuraj, 8:47PM, 08 July, 2018

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